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Class 13

EVBOR Committees


Community Service & Fundraising

The Community Outreach Committee is dedicated to supporting programs for non-profit organizations with housing-related endeavors, this committee strives to provide services that enhance the community. These activities include Bowling Tournament, Mini-Golf Tournament and other volunteer opportunities. There are a number of opportunities to volunteer within each task force. (see below) 2022-2023 Chair: Mindy Stone


The Education Committee encourages the pursuit of designations and further education. Participates in the Bowling Tournament (Scholarship) Task Force. Assists AE with class scheduling each year. 2022-2023 Chair: Renee Hodgden

Professional Standard & Equal Opportunity

Members of the Professional Standards Committee, in accordance with NAR’s Professional Standards Manual: Ethics & Arbitrations; must be certified in Professional Standards. Monitor compliance with Fair Housing Partnership Resolutions and attend Fair Housing Conference when available. May assist be called to assist with New Members Orientation Class 2022-2023 Chair: Alison Gilbert


Finance committee collaborates and assist Treasurer with monthly financial statements. Assist Treasurer and AE in preparing the annual budget. 2022-2023 Chair: Carla Spreng-Webb

Government Affairs, Political Action & RPAC Committee 

The purpose of the Government Affairs Committee is to provide an open setting for speakers, member involvement and information sharing related to government advocacy, public policy matters and related civic matters. In accordance with NAR’s mandatory Core Standards: considers and recommends actions by the Board on various political issues in the community. 2022-2023 Chairs: Alison Gilbert  and Abbey Pontius

Association Governance
The purpose of the Association Governance Committee composes and recommends changes of the Bylaws & Policies and Procedures of the Estes Valley Board of REALTORS® (EVBOR) as directed by NAR and EVBOR Board of Directors
2022-2023 Chair: Jeff Abel
Public Relations

The Public Relations Committee is responsible for gathering information for the Board Newsletter (published bi-monthly), submitting news articles and photos to the local newspaper about REALTOR® projects and events and social media posts 2022-2023 Chair: Nicole White  & Stacy Huyler-Fisher

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

The Committee of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) seeks to create community partnerships to promote DEI within the REALTOR® industry. Works in conjunction with the Education Committee  for education and inclusive collaboration for our board. 2022-2023 Chair: Nicole White

Wildfire Protection

Wildfire Protection Committee provides educational and the distribution of this material to the community at large. While collaborating with local and state fired districts to ensure that educational materials are relevant and up to date. Key to this endeavor is the ability to help with the grant process 2022-2023 Chair: Breeyan Edwards

Task Forces

Task Forces are focus groups created to accomplish a specific task assigned by the Board of Directors. These groups are task driven therefore meet on a short term basis until goal is accomplished. Contact the board office for a list of current projects. Stacy Huyler-Fisher